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Procrastination Paradise

What does your average 'Writing Day' look like?


It's a writing day! Yay! I have the whole day free. How many words will I write today? Who knows! I can't wait to get started. I am READY. ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY READY.

But of course, I should have some breakfast first. The brain needs some fuel for the best words to flow. The kettle is on and the toast is tanning.

Oh, what's that in my teeth? And, omg, my hair! Good grief, it's way beyond a Batiste boost. I guess I should just have a quick shower and then I won't have to wash my hair tomorrow. That will save SO much time. Great plan.

Or in fact... How about a bath? Yes! All the salts and calm will set me up perfectly for the day. And I'll finish the last few (127) pages of the book I'm reading. That will really inspire me before I get started. Brilliant.


Well thank goodness my phone rang there. I could have slept all day! Turns out baths are not meant for the morning. Or for motivating the brain. It was so warm I couldn't even lie in it. And trying to read a book while you have your legs hanging over the side is just a disaster waiting to happen. I don't tend to be so risk averse but a paper/water combo would ruin anyone's day. No, no, no. It's always best to spend that time shaving every single part of your body and apply every possible bath cream you never knew you had instead. FOR SURE.

And after that floating book debate with myself, I really needed a power nap to psych me up for the writing. It's worth waking up with brand new dream ideas to take advantage of. Also, my bed is just so comfy. I am now 100% prepared in BODY AND MIND to attack the day!

Oh, now it's lunchtime. I should really eat so I can focus, rather than crave food all afternoon. Maybe a sandwich... Or pancakes! Oh yes, that will be my treat in advance of all the great writing I'll do afterwards. I'll call Mum for the recipe. It's not worth it unless they are the RIGHT pancakes and checking the online recipes just won't cut it.


Well, you wouldn't believe what I just heard! I can't believe I might have had my phone turned off all day and missed all this news - imagine! I also have now the recipe - hurrah! Oh wait... I don't have any baking soda. Well, I also need a couple of toiletries so I'll just pop out for 20 minutes. By 3:30, I'll be ON IT.


Who knew that baking soda has become the 'toilet roll' March disaster? I had to go into town and then found my way into... H&M. Good grief, who knew shops would feel so enormous after all the months without them? I quite literally got lost in it. And without the fitting rooms, critical cardigan choices take so much longer now, am I right? I KNOW. (Sigh)

Anyway, no pancakes. But it's dinner time so I'll just have some soup. That will take no time. Oh I forgot the soup but it's just as well I ended up doing my whole week grocery shop earlier. I bought pasta sheets! Ah what a clever time decision that was. Lasagne will provide dinner for the next 3 nights so it'll be just a quick microwave and I'll be straight to my laptop all week.

And I'll still have some time left after dinner to write tonight! Just a few strong hours. That's all I need. Really.


The food prep took longer than I'd thought. Then I had 40 minutes to wait for it in the oven so I thought I'll just watch a bit of Muriel's Wedding. "You're terrible, Muriel..." HA HA HA! Oh I'd forgotten how great it was.

So I watched it to the end. Turns out it doesn't work to have the TV on while you're trying to focus on your writing. I chose Muriel.

But it's ok because I'm not going to watch any more films this week. Nope. NONE. I'll come home each evening and sit down with a cup of tea and write 1,000 words each hour.

In fact, just to cover the hours I missed today, maybe I'll get up early tomorrow and write before breakfast. Because I can do that. Undoubtedly so.

That will work.


Now please excuse me. It's time to brush my teeth again.

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